PTA Life Members

This page is a tribute to all of those previous Texas PTA Life Membership Award recipients from Green Elementary. These individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting the PTA's mission, Green Elementary, and our students. Each spring, individuals are named for this prestigious award, so please refer to the Green Explorer newsletter for further information.
Past Green Elementary PTA Award Recipients
2024 Sandy Clemmons, Jennifer Walzel, Becky Leach, Kate Armstrong
2023 Ciara Harrop, Chad Sanford, Rob Herman, Bekah Relander, Jamie Jaubert - Extended Service Award
2022 Tamara Huffman, Laura Green, Leah Taylor, Amanda Taylor
2021 Amy Thompson, Kim Richards, Lisa Haney, Susan Frick, Stacia Butler - Extended Service Award
2020 Becky Stamey, Kellie Koch, Carly Stehling, Julie Lindberg
2019 Aerin Bentley, Maria Moussa, Kelley McCall, Lauren Newby, Jamie Jaubert
2018 Cristina Arnold, Jennifer Clark, Diane Drogosch, Jill Keller, Karen McWilliams
2017 Wendy Johnson, Anna Levy, Lindsay Robertson
2016 Kelly Campman, Mary Tucker, Karen Williams, Audrey Bartlett
2015 Tracy Lockhart, Kelly McDonald, René Tiejema, Katie Ulch
2014 Ann Deery, Debbie Jaurrieta, Debi Maxwell, Angie Potter, Laura Ringrose
2013 Keri Christopher, Lupe Crotts, Juliellen Galletti, Brooke Long, Bobbie Jo Shoemake, Susan Vilven
2012 Julianne Cantwell, Kathy Dishong, Liz Farris, Melissa Fasken, Linda Smith
2011 Jill Courtney, Regina Gauch, Lisa LeBlanc, Cinda Smith
2010 Denise Balok, Aundrea Herrington, Kay Holt, Sam Myers
2009 Stacia Butler, Diana Panko, Kim Voorhies
2008 Denise Alvarez, Stacey Budd, Renee Politz, Nancy Redington
2007 Holly Peck, Susan VanKirk, Michelle Vastano
2006 Dawn Crouch, Diane Florschuetz, Leann Pearson, Dale Smith, Sara Walsh
2005 April Bentley, Ellen LaBarbera, Carol Olsin, Patrick Walsh
2004 Cory Arrigali, Mary Kay Badar, Michelle Eisenhart, Michelle Hansen
2003 Barbara Barker, Melinda Edwards, Patricia Metzinger, Lori Weaver
2002 Kara Knisley, Ruth Matheson, Patricia McMinn, Evelyn Melvin, Patricia Powell
2001 Shannon Adcock, Susan McDaniel, Suzanne Riegel, Carrie Sledge
2000 Debbie Cosgrove, Kathy Panko, Michelle Peck, Lori Springer, Lesley Wiarda
1999 Michelle Black, Kathy Parker, Blair Schlatter, Smokey Sieks
1998 Kim James
1997 Derek Lee, Tracy Miller, Jackie Simmons





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