Annual Warrior Run - Oct. 4, 2019


Warrior Run has officially been kicked off! Log in to - The best Fun Run fundraiser for schools! and enter your information.


Please remember this is our PTA's only fundraiser of the year if we can meet our goal. Last year our goal was $28,000 and in just two weeks we made $42,000. This year's goal is $29,000 and I know with your help we will far surpass this. This is a two week pledge campaign where at the end of the two week's your child will participate in the Warrior Run Obstacle Course. This fundraising event is done solely by our AMAZING PTA therefore 100% of the proceeds raised go directly back to our PTA/School.


Check the packet out so you can see all the cool prizes and incentives. Student prizes will be awarded starting Monday, so get logged in and send the personalized video to every family member and friend you have. To reach our goal, we need every student to get at least $50 in donations.


The official Warrior Run is Oct. 4th, and we will need several parents to help on race day. Many schools use a third party company to actually run the race, but at Green, we operate fully on volunteers. This allows us to keep every donation amount and use it in our classrooms. It is so much fun to watch your child run the obstacle course while you are volunteering. Sign up to volunteer now!

7:55am - 8:40am 5th Grade/Red

8:40am - 9:25am 1st Grade/Gray

9:25am - 10:10am 2nd Grade/Purple

10:15am - 11:00am 3rd Grade/Orange

12:30pm - 1:15pm Kindergarten/Green

1:20pm - 2:05pm 4th Grade/Yellow

2:10pm - 2:55pm 6th Grade/Blue


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